Snow in Mansfield, and lots of it!

I have lived in and around Mansfield all my life, and its only really snowed (properly snowed) a handful of times. I remember it snowing more when i was very young, and most of my teenage years i cant really remember it snowing at all.

The last few years have seen a return of the snow and two years ago we had record snowfall, lots to play in – but it went after a day or so! Boo!

At the beginning of this week/end of last week the snow started falling and it ground teh whole country to a halt. People didnt know what to do, couldnt get in to work and just generally shit themselves.

It was the first time that bonnie had really seen snow too, and she totally loved it! One of the funniest things in the world is watching dogs trying to catch snowballs!

It was also the first time we had to drive gems car with its new wheels in the snow, uh oh. We have hit stuff twice wh9ch has marked one of the wheels – ill have to get someone to look at it when i get chance 🙁

All in all, its been pretty hectic! And just as i thought today was the start of the end of the snow, its started snowing AGAIN!

Oh well, it could be worse – it could be raining!

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