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Dont believe the hype

It only seems like a week ago (oh wait, it was) when everyone was darting about sorting things out in time for christmas – and now it is all over. I did have a brill christmas day, from start to finish – but i still think the whle occasion is way over hyped.

This year has been a bit of a strange one due to the liquidity crisis. Everyone was selling things cheap, sale signs in every single shop window. It meant people who ended up buying last minute got all the bargains, and everyone who bought early ended up paying through the odds.

I dont buy things for friends, and i only buy things for my close family – and only items that they ask for. I dont see the point in exchanging cheap tat between friends – meeting up for a drink or something is much more of a gift than something picked up on impulse when in tesco.

Its not that i dont appreciate gifts, i do, but i appreciate spending time with loved ones a whole lot more.

Anyway, christmas done – birthday next! Then new year!

Happy Holidays people!

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