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Olly – The Number 1 0lly – Free Links

A while back dave and i were speaking about the SEO things we are doing as a business now, and mentioned that it would be funny (and also a bit of an inter-company challenge) to try and each get to the top of google for our names – dave and olly.

We haven’t mentioned it since, but i got thinking about it earlier, and tried to decide what would be the best (and easiest) method of getting my blog to the top of google if someone searched for olly. Anyone who knows anything about SEO knows that in a nutshell, its all about good content and inbound links (ok, lots of other stuff too but these are the only things i am going to take into consideration for this challenge)

I already have good UNIQUE content, so what else? I need links in to this site. But mannnn that would take ages and ages and i really cant be arsed to hand pick them, and i don’t want the cost involved in BUYING links.



Introducing – 0lly Approves!

Its basically a free link directory that allows anyone to sign up to it – but i am going to be slightly picky with who i allow access. Simply because i don’t want it to be a general free link directory, we already have one of them! I want it to be a useful, relevant, non spammy directory that will one day hold a bangin pagerank, and be beneficial for all that are on it.

How it helps me, is in order to add your link – you have to add MY link first. And i have got the recip link pointing to the main page, not the directory. I know one way linking is usually preferred, but we haven’t done too badly with our other directory, and thats only ever had recip links added.

So sign up now, and start promoting your site, and helping me get to the top of google!

NB this is for the term olly, not 0lly (with a zero) im already at the top if you spell it with a Zero 🙂

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