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We’re always thinking of new ideas and ways to fill our time (hah, what time?) and we have recently been on another domain name purchasing spree which has lead to me sitting down and installing a few blogs so that we can launch a few new websites.

They are mainly motoring related, and they focus on things such as news, product reviews and online sales for different aspects of the modified and performance car market.

The first is our site that is aimed at beating the credit crunch and showing the pathway to cheap motoring. It will have info on petrol prices, cheap road tax and links to low tax bracket, cheap cars to buy! Plus many other ways to save money on motoring. The site is called Daily Runabout and has only just been started so bear with us while we start the content flowing.

The next site is aimed more at the buying of certain modified and performance car parts. Everything from alloy wheels to bodykits, even bonnet pins all displayed in a logical format that guarantees no more than 3 clicks to find the product you require. There will be news and updates posted on there too so be sure to check up regularly! Modified Parts Trader hopes to help you find cheap car parts and help you modify your car for less!

Our next site is one that is aimed more at the alloy wheel market. Its called Rims4u and was originally (around 2000-2002) an alloy wheel refurb website, but they must of gone bust or something. It is now the source for alloy wheel information. New releases, industry gossip and everything a good rim addict needs to fulfil their needs.

Nearly there, yes – i have been busy!

The next website is the final modified car related one. Its taking the online modified car part scene from a totally different angle. Its an auction powered site that is like a car boot sale but just for bits to mod your motor! Eventually we would like to take the idea to a location one day and actually have a car boot sale with just modified cars with old/spare parts that we all have (and we all have at least a shed full) and get some cash back for that old crap! Modified Car Boot Sale has landed! Bear with us while we finish it off though.

The final site for now is one we have been meaning to set up for a while. 123-reg have been our domain registrar for a very long time. We have had a lot of problems with them over the years and most of these problems have been documented on blogs here there and everywhere. It suddenly dawned on me that these blog posts could warrant there own site, so we made one! 123-reg blog! If you have a 123-reg horror story then please head on over, contact us through the site and we’ll give you access so you can add stuff to your hearts content!

Thats it for now guys, but we have a few more planned soon – one of them is a biggun! Muhaha!

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