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I am no longer the internet

For more years than i can remember, i have had I AM THE INTERNET as my blog title. Now i wasn’t being big headed or anything – ok so maybe i was, but let me explain why…

I’ve been using the internet for a modest 12 years or so, and it was something i got into quite fast, and i found that i was quite interested and fairly good at “the internet” – for example i made my first site in dreamweaver when i was 13, not too long after i had started using the net in the first place.

When i was about 15/16 i had used and abused the internet so much, i became some kind of human / google hybrid and i was able to spout website URLs that would provide you with any product or service you required. You name it, i could tell you a website where you could find it.

It got to a level where people would regularly ring me and ask me what that website was that we saw that thing on. So the title I AM THE INTERNET was created.

Many years on, and the internet is what makes up 85% of the work me and Dave do now, and the more i use it – and the tools and applications that you can find on it – the more confused i get! Every time i master something, its updated. Every time i learn how to do something, another way to do it comes out.

I no longer feel comfortable claiming that i am the internet, when there is so much i dont, and will never, know.

So, to tie in with my project to get my blog to number 1 in google for the term olly, i have renamed my blog I AM OLLY.

The end of an era. The start of a new day.

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