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FSS – Facebook Status Syndrome

So i was reading some stuff that was sent to me via twitter, and i was browsing the BBspot website when i saw an article labelled “Doctors Notice Increase in Facebook Status Syndrome”

They claim that people are starting to become obsessed with changing their status to refelct their every move. And are starting to “verbalize every move they make”

“It’s a continuation from the online world into reality, and it can be debilitating as well as quite annoying.”
Many times FSS goes unnoticed, because most victims have no social interaction outside Facebook or other online social networks.  It’s only when these people journey out in public, when it becomes noticeable”

Its kinda like that little britain sketch with George and Sandra“Putting a bit of beef on the old fork, putting the fork to my little-britian-usa__595977amouth, short pause while i chew.”

It makes me wonder though, if people are getting this bug because of facebook, then what the hell is going to happen to us twitter fans? As the whole point of twitter is to document your every move in 140 characters or less.

We’ll soon all be walking around speaking everything we do, “just opening the door, just walking through the door, just shutting the door” or even worse we’ll be strapped up with sensors and shit and literally our every move will be recorded automatically on a website. I can actually see that happening with twitter soon to be honest as i have already seen a bakers in london that has an automatic twitter updater when something comes out the oven and a guy who had his chair sense when he farted and updated his twitter status accordingly.

Who knows where it will all end up!

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