Weblog Work/Technical dominates google

Ive recently been drooling over a new domain name that i kinda really want to buy. Its £50 for one year which i think is a lot of money for something that could end up being another surplus domain.

The domain name is (with a zero)

Now if it was i would snap it up regardless of cost as it would be perfect. But as the available one is with a zero i have my doubts. Ill mull it over and see if i can find the cash spare sometime soon.


I have always wanted (not with a zero) so i do some digging every now and then to see if it might of been left to expire and whatnot. After a whois check i decided to see if anyone had talked about the domain name before. And look what i was greeted with..


Haha, how cool is that? I was always worried that if i told people my site was “” they would write it wrong and not get here – doesn’t resolve a website at the mo so if they google it they will find me anyway!

Good times!

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