Oh Crap, My Parents Joined Facebook!

Well actually my mum has been on there a while, as has my step dad – but that’s beside the point. Check out this great website that was pointed out to me today by Rob (_boo) on twitter.

Facebook and similar social networking sites have traditionally been used by teenagers and tech-wise people all over the world since they began. Unfortunately for some, facebook is now starting to appeal to literally everyone – including many peoples parents.

Before the time when parents viewed such internet-garbage, people were able to post whatever they wanted, how drunk they were the night before, who they are going out with and basically anything that went on in their life. Now suddenly these people’s parents can view this stuff, and can post embarrassing comments on their profiles for all their “friends” to see.

It doesnt really apply to me, as my life is what it is and i dont really have any secrets from anyone. I can see it being a problem for many though – and all the hilarious situations that are occurring are being documented over on

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