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Prison Break Season 4 Episodes 1 & 2 S04E02 & S04E01

Well – that long awaited moment has arrived! Prison break has been thrust back onto our screens for the 4th consecutive season. The last season was cut short due to writers strikes, and unfortunately the lost time that they have made up with this double whammy airing of the new season has left me with a slight sourness in my mouth – wait that’s just my drink!

The rest of this article contains spoilers

But seriously though they do seem to of cut a few corners – we did already know sarah was returning but i cant help wish it would of been that little bit more interesting if he had to find her – no he just rings some guy who happens to have her in some house on standby?

Before i go on – my heart was in my throat at times, i did really enjoy it and will definitely keep watching – i just feel i need to get this rant off my chest!

I also think there was a lot of cheesy moments, the scene where sarah and micheal are talking and she is crying saying the worst thing to her is they cant be stopped – right after micheal has just told her he can be a free man if he go’s ahead with a plot to bring down the company. I also thought the scene where it fades in to T-Bag and his compadrez on the floor all beaten up – this is T-Bag, the man who took over the hardest prison in the world – and two guys and a bar beat the shit out of him?

EDIT – something else i thought about – Lincoln spent the entire program basically trying to get sorted so he can be with his son. The next thing you know he forgets all about him and go’s off on some crazy plot with his brother! Also, does anyone else think Michael would of felt more than “Lighter” after having an entire body tattoo removed? I’m really gutted they put that bit in if im honest, i think they have now taken something away that people use when referring to the program – Oh yeah, the guy with the cool tattoo?

I cant help thinking the prison break creators have done a micheal style wall with photos, storylines and ideas on post it notes and just drawn lines to all the bits to link them together. You’d of thought the creators of the most intricately detailed, linked up mad storyline ever to feature in a TV show (prison break first season) would of been able to do better than that!

I will continue watching because i love the characters and the story line is still good despite being held together with blu-tac. I guess now the loose ends are tied up we can move on and see micheal and the cru bring down the company once and for all!

9/10 – Would of been ten but you rushed things too much!!

P.s.. NO i will not provide you with torrents or any other for of download link for prison break episodes – use your noggin’ like everyone else! ๐Ÿ™‚

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