Being away from the ones you love

Gemma’s car broke again. It was only about 3 months ago when we had to shell out nearly a grand on a new gearbox, new clutch and a new starter motor. It had never been right since it was done, it never felt like i expected it to feel when it was being used – and it was leaking oil.

We tried to get it sorted once, but the guy we were sent to obviously didnt do a very good job as the leak continued. Anyway it leaked out most of the oil, and now its needed a new clutch – well we hope thats all it needed.

The car is currently being put back together and hopefully Gem will be home tonight some time, as i haven’t seen her properly since Monday morning. She stayed at her mums as its closer for her to get to work.

We are currently going thru a bit of a stressful patch, with money, jobs, and now cars. And this has certainly put pressure on our relationship. Its not until times like this, and more specifically time spent away from loved ones, that you realise how important these people are in your life.

I have been so lonely at home by myself, no one to talk to, no one to cuddle up to on the sofa. And no dog to play with as Bonnie has been at gems mum’s too. I know that may sound quite selfish, but thats how i feel at the mo.

I guess im feeling sorry for myself a bit too, im doing a temporary job i hate and want to jack in straight away, but i cant because i owe my landlord money for rent. I have a business that is being held back becasue i need to sort my personal monies out – see previous sentence. And all this puts pressure on me, which in turn makes me miserable, and that causes friction with everything else.

Anyway, i am starting shift 3 of 4 soon, and need to prepare my things.

I hope i dont have to spend much more time at home alone as i really dont like it. 🙁

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