Ranting Weblog

Do you like complaining? Ranting and raving?

Do you do any of the above on your blog? If so, then join the fightfightfight network, and share your rants with the world.

We bought the domain name a while ago for use with a similar idea, but it was forum based. It was a big hit with people, and the site poddled along for a while.

Due to a lack of time we couldnt keep moderating the forum, so have sat on the domain name until something else has been thought of to fill its boots.

Both dave and myself are avid complainers, we love to moan when things are not quite right, push the boundries of customer service and see what we can squeeze from the local and national businesses we deal with as we go about our lives.

If your a blogger, and you like to rant, then make a special category for your rants and give us the link. We’ll add it to our site, and you will be sharing your rants with a much wider audience!

Get heard!


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