400th Post, and its a rant!

I dont know what it is, but whenever my blood is at boiling point, i take it out on my poor blog. I guess its better than shouting at my business parter, or worse, my fiancé. Its not their fault i woke up in the worst mood ever, so its not fair to take it out on them either.

I was woken by Gem this morning at about half past 7 telling me that the dog had poo’d in her bed again. Last night, she wee’d on the floor. Its the 2nd time shes ever poo’d in her bed, and its probably only the 5th time in her life she has wee’d on the floor.

Whats causing my dogs random bladder outbursts?

Its the fucking dog next door. It has to be! Either that or their fucking cats. Ever since they have moved in and their tribe of animals have been shitting and pissing on my garden, bonnie has been different. She was good as gold before, the best dog in the world. And now in the space of 24 hours she has done two things that you’d expect from a puppy, things she grew out of a long time ago.

I figure its the fact the back garden doesn’t smell like her any more? She is a bit funny about where she wee’s and poo’s really, usually only on grass etc.

Hosing down dog shit at half 7 am is not something i enjoy being woken up for.

I guess im also pretty mad that i have had to get a part time job to help pay my bills. The businesses are going OK, but they are not moving fast enough for me. I don’t want to jack it all in – and i wont – but im fucking annoyed that i have had to go out and get something part time.

I want to write a lot of other things down right now, but i wont because i will probably look back in a few hours and regret it.

400th post anyway. Yay for me.


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