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Im dreading full time driving

I haven’t driven a car on the road all day every day for some while now, although i do drive my girlfriends car every now and then. Unfortunately, i have noticed that when i DO drive on the roads by myself, i get very angry and the incompetence of people on the roads. People randomly braking, not using indicators – and just general bad drivers.

I was coming off a roundabout the other day, when some prick in a fiesta st overtook me doing a stupid speed, i stayed clear so that he wouldn’t kill me in the process. After 3 sets of lights, i caught up with him (and i was doing the speed limit!) So i gave him some “parked in the boot” action and followed him up the road. He went to turn off, and i stopped at the side of him and suggested he wind his window down so i could call him a prick.

He drove off. Of course.

When will these losers learn?

Will it take a death? Or should i say more deaths?

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