In need of a miracle

I am really in need of help right now. My caddy is supposed to be going to nationals, but i have exactly a week today to get it ready. I have had lots of time, but i havent had lots of money. And things are only starting to trickle through now.

I have managed to save and buy most of the things i need, but i have run out of funds again and im still short quite a few parts. I need some sheets of steel to make the box in the back that is gonna prevent someone stealing mystuff again. I need solenoids that my step dad is supposed to be getting me, i need guages, i need a new battery.. Oh and i need tax, MOT and insurance too.

If i manage to get it all done in one week, it will be nothing short of a miracle. The way my bank account looks though it seems highly unlikley that its gonna happen.

If some millionaire out there fancys lending me a few quid then email olstar[at] 😆 – hey, you never know!

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