Google’s New Favicon – My Theory

Many people today noticed that internet giants Google changed their Favicon from the familiar big G with a square round it, to a simpler lower case g with no border.

I scoured the internet looking for a reason why they changed it, but only found other people with the same questions as me.

Many people talk of a rebranding? but surely that would be a dumb idea due to how wel know the google logo and simpple layout/colourscheme is?

But i have my own theory behind the most talked about favicon in the world.

In the last few months i have been using Firefox 3, and they have made quite a few changes to the layout of the browser window, more specifically the way it displays favicons.

They are displayed on a grey background instead of a white one, and you can now see if the favicon is transparent or not. Googles old favicon is in a square, and wasnt (as far as im aware) transparent, so would of looked like this Blogger favicon;

Blogger Favicon

This is square, boring, and doesnt really look much different from before. This is the new google favicon;

Googles new Favicon

This new favicon shows off the cool white glow type thing you get when your favicon is transparent. Google would of missed out on the cool glowey shit, so in order to keep up with the times, they have updated it, and dropped the gay border so you can see the glow round the g.

But as my friend DJB quite rightly pointed out, they are suppsed to be the BIG G – maybe now they wanna be known as the little g – as written by Philipp Lenssen who pointed out that one of googles core values is to think and act like the underdog.

I guess they will officially let us know soon enough.. Maybe its just some new employee who decided to change it for the shits and grins. I wonder how much bandwith in total – across the world -this new favicon has sucked?


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Huh, I had never heard or read “the Big G” as a reference to Google until today. And asking around, nobody I knew knew of Google as that either. We’re in the tech field, too. So, not sure if that’s that big of a deal.

As for the case switch of the favicon, since the little g is just as distinct, people won’t even be bothered by it in two weeks.

But, man, the uproar Friday!

FWIW, Google has also long contended that the little g in their logo is a reference to infinity. Supposedly, they are going to start some sort of campaign along those lines. This is but the first salvo.

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