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Dog’s and their Untrained Owners

We have had a dog now for about 3 months, and we both love every minute of it. I love going out for walkies, i love playing with bonnie and her toys and i love snuggling up on the settee with both of my angels.

What i dont fucking love, is mother fucking pieces of shit dog owners that cant handle their dogs, dont know how to discipline them and DONT CLEAN THEIR SHIT UP!

I dont want to walk my dog and have to CONSTANTLY tell her to leave huge steaming piles of shit left by the dog in front. We always clean bonnies poo up, i remember a lad in my school got BLINDED because someone kicked some dog shit up into his face. I get so fucking angry. Its so ignorant and disrespectful to other dog owners, as if someone has a new puppy and its on its first walk it can still get ill from other dogs poop.

I wish i had some kind of power over people, as if i saw them not cleaning their dog shit up i would pick the fucker up myself and throw it at them!

I know its not the nicest stuff in the world, and it stinks like.. well, like shit! But it takes 3 seconds to pick it up, and if you pick it up in a bag your hands dont smell and once tied you can no longer smell it. If its left, and kicked up in some kids face, they are blinded for LIFE.

Stop being ignorant fuckers, and CLEAN UP YOUR SHIT!

Another thing that fucking winds me up is people who’s dogs are uncontrollable. I was out with bonnie, as we do every morning, and we went round the corner onto the field next to my house, and there were two black labs there off the lead. One was old, and one was a lot younger. The younger one was a BIG dog though. Of course, he saw my pretty bonnie chops, and LAUNCHED himself at her. The fucking dozy BINT who owned the black lab was all like “Oh im sorry, hes always like this!” – Is that supposed to make up for the fact he TERRORISED my dog? Does your lame stupid fuckeyed comment make up for the fact your dogs a twat and needs discipline?

Twats like her shouldn’t be allowed dog’s. And its not cos shes a woman, cos the family at the bottom of our road have a lab called max, and he’s a big fucker, but even if the lady is out by herself she is still able to control him perfectly.. Ok so he gets a bit excited when he see’s bonnie but he doesnt chase her and make her scared.

I think all dog owners should have to go and do a doggy driving test, and if they cant control their dogs under certain situations then the dogs should be taken off them or be made to wear a muzzle at all times.

I know dogs play and shit by fighting, but you can tell when its nice fighting and not-nice fighting!

/end rant

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