Lime Green Nokia N73

As you may remember from an old post, i painted my N73 fascia as im poor and cant afford a new phone. This was going swel for a while until a lot of the paint started to peel off, so i used my skillz and took the cover off again – and set about painting it once more. I opted for a chrome look, so i sanded most of the bright orange off, gave it a matt black under coat, then a chrome-look top coat. I let it dry for a day.. Was still wet.. Left for 2 days.. Still sticky.. Hmm

All the paint had reacted, and NEVER set right, so the phone would stick to my face, and the thing you listen to people through was blocked with paint so i couldnt hear anyone. It was a disaster!

So i searched on ebay, and found that replacement fascias from china were only going for about £7 – so i looked about and found a really cool one and bought it! A week later, it arrived, and i set about fitting it to my phone!


I first removed the old cover, and wasnt bothered if it was damaged as it was going in the bin, it was most satisfying ripping it off and screwing it up into a ball.  I then compared the bits i had removed, to the bits i was gonna put on – they all looked about the same so i started cleaning the phone so that when the new case was on it was nice and sparkly.


It didnt take long for the new case to fit on, and what a fit! It was as if it was made by nokia! The only thing i couldnt replace was the joystick thing, as it didnt come with a little pole thing, and the pole thing in the old part wouldnt come out. Apart from that the front, back and keypad were all new – making my Nokia N73 look like a new phone! Not bad to say its over 2 years old!

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