Bonnie The Dog

My first attempt at ice skating

Wow, im not sure ice skating is something doggies are meant to do! I was out on my first walk of the day one morning with my dad like we do every morning, and it was like that time there was ice cream on the floor as everything seemed to be white!

 white stuff 1white stuff 2

My dad found a ded good stick and was throwing it for me (my favourite game by the way) and he kept throwing it onto the puddles but the stick was just lying on the top? It was like the puddle wasn’t water any more? I went over to it carefully, and slowly walked onto the top, and i didn’t sink! Then i stated slipping! It was fun, but scary at the same time!

I went on one and it broke tho and it turned back to water! I got a wet tummy but i didn’t mind. Got my white paw mucky though which i was NOT happy about! Trust my silly dad to pick a broken puddle!

 danger!!slippy puddle!!

When we went onto the sandpit – which my dad has started calling the beach? – all the sand was hard too, and cold! I could run faster on it tho cos my feets weren’t sinking in!

I will be careful in future tho and make dad fetch the stick if it go’s on a slippy puddle again!!

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