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My trip to the seas side!

Sorry for the time off the blog guys, i have been hella busy chewin this bone my dad gave me. I just thought i would post about my amazing day out today! It all started…

Uncle ol came round the night before, and i just thought it was a normal one of my sleepovers where he comes to play – but when we got up the next day instead of taking him home we packed loads of stuff in the car, and mum said we were going to see the seas side?

I wasn’t sure what she meant but i kinda got the impression we were going somewhere fun cos uncle ol woke me up at 5:30am with a big grin on his face (i obviously then went and woke mum and dad up straight away 😉 hee hee) Anyway.. We all got in the car and set off to see this cool thing what i didn’t yet understand.

Boy oh boy was it a long journey! I started to get pretty bored of sitting in the back of the car, but i did sleep for a lot of it so its not all bad. We got to some town and dad said that “we are here!” All i could smell was salt! We got parked up and got out the car near lots of people walking and some blinky blink machines that people was putting money into.. Ok!!

After mum and uncle ol had been to the toilet we crossed the road.. and there it was! This massive, huge, totally ginormous, SANDPIT! We have one near my house, but its gotta be a lot smaller than this place as it was just MASSIVE! We went onto it and walked down a bit and the sand seemed wet, then i looked a bit further out and i saw a boat!

me and mum on the sandpit

I suddenly understood!!! The seas side! As its the side of the sea! I wonder why they put a sand pit next to the seas side? that’s prob what the water was then, the sea splashing over the side and wetting it? Anyway we played in the sand pit for ages it was so much fun! Me dad and uncle ol digged big holes and we buried uncle ol it was ever so funny!

There was lots of other doggys in the sandpit that i could play with, there was one little doggy that thought he was like, really specail cos he came over and tried to steal my ice cream. But i just moved out his way, he bited me i think but it didnt hurt and dad picked him up and took him away from me. Thanks dad! I could enjoy the bit of ice cream mum had given me now!

We walked up the beach some more and then went onto the road to get some chips. I wasnt allowed any but dad gave me some treats mm yum yum! My favorite! Then we went on the sandpit again and digged some more holes. Dad found a spade on the beach so we made a massive hole and i kept falling in haha!

me and uncle ol diggin

Then after i had my dinner we went to grandmas house to dop uncle ol off and i got to see my best mate keira! We played for a bit then mum and dad got me and we went home. I went to sleep as soon as i got in i was nackered!

My favourite bit of my morning walks now is when we go on my sandpit and dad throws sticks for me! It reminds me of our day out – i hope we can go there soon again!

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