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Proof that Starbucks coffee is overpriced and tastes like shit

Some of you may remember a blog entry i made a while back about i hated starbucks and they they are a rip off – some people who view my blog disagreed..

Well now i have proof!

Starbucks is peddling the worst coffee at the highest prices according to a survey of the big three coffee houses on Britain’s high streets.

A report published today calculates that choosing the world’s largest coffee chain instead of an independent shop for your cappuccino three mornings a week will cost you £126 a year.

The Which? Magazine survey did not stop at lamenting the cost of a Starbucks, it also placed the global brand at the bottom of its taste test. It concluded that when it came to too much water in an Americano and a surfeit of froth on a cappuccino, “Starbucks was the worst offender”.

Source – Times Online

Ha, i knew it. Down with starbucks!

I told you emma! 😛

One reply on “Proof that Starbucks coffee is overpriced and tastes like shit”

pfffft lol.
My opinion is the only one that counts!!!!! Did you not know this by now? 😉
To be fair, a basic coffee from there is the same as anywhere else, but its the flavoured ones, and the frozen drinks which it beats the others hands down with

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