T-Mobile suck donkey balls

I have been with TMobile for about a year and a half now, and they have progressivly got worse and worse in the customer support department.

Ok, so i never pay my bill on time, and yes i have been cut off once or twice (or maybe 10 times) due to non payment – its not my bastard fault!

Do they think i ENJOY not being able to use my phone? NO! I am self employed, and dont get paid every friday like i used to – so sometimes im late paying?! Whats the big deal?

I am cut off at the moment, and this time they have turned off all incoming, outgoing calls AND disallowed any texts from getting to me. I recon i have really pissed them off this time haha. I has severly inconvenienced me due to not being able to call the people i need to call for my job and not being able to be reached by people who need me.

They should look after their customers more, be a bit more understanding to people in my position – AND they should allow me to lower my contract if i want to.

Instead they tell me that i need to be on that package cos of my usage (why do i have £100 or more’s worth of credit left on flext EVERY MONTH then?) and that lowering it would cost me more money!

They are getting scrapped in favor of a cool PAYG deal from 02 – top up £30 a month and recieve UNLIMITED texts.. Or top up less and recieve like 500 texts..

And if i cant pay, they wont cut me off or hasstle me on the phone – they just let me get on with it.

Tmobile suck, and will feel my wrath one day when i buy them out and shut them down.

Olmobile – the future 😀

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I’m sorry but I agree with the phone company. You signed a contract to agree to their terms, which would of stated that you pay your bill each month, on time.

If it was one of your cutomers repetedly not paying on time each month would you not do the same?


Meh.. 😆

If our customers dont pay us time, we talk to them and if they are having problems we work something out..

KEEPING customers is far better than just trying to get money out of them that they owe you at this moment in time..

As if you work with them, then you find they stay with you.

Fuck them about, and they go elsewhere – like i will when my phone contract runs out.

You would think so..

Although, despite me probably being the worse paying customer they have 😆 – they still offered me an early upgrade to keep me 😆

Its all sorted now anyway, i paid my outstanding balance and lowered my contract.. they were unusually nice to me as well..

Must of had a payrise that day or something 😆

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