Bonnie The Dog

Long awaited update

Hi guys and girls! I am very sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time, my dad has been really busy with his tippy tappy work and mum has been busy on her one too – mum plays with little people on her screen, its like TV but she makes them walk about and set fire to their kitchens. Plus my dad said his phone wasn’t working right, but here are some new pics of me on my adventures!

ReaddyyyyWoohoo walkies!

I have been doing lots of walking with mum and dad, and i have been meeting lots of new doggy friends. We go for a walk after we have been to grandma’s house, we go on the park with jazzmine who is one of my bestist friends now. She is about 4 million time bigger than me but we play all the time now. When she see’s other doggys on the park she always protects me and once this nasty doggy went for me and bited me and jazz jumped inbetween us. I met some of jazz’s friends too, they are VERY fast and very mental! I Liked them!!


We have also been playing with my other grandma’s doggys, the ginger nuts! Which includes my BESTIST friend in the whole wide world… Keira!!!!! I am nearly as big as her now too! Ruby doo still growls at me but mum says its becasue she is the oldest and that i am too “in her face” or something.

Im not sure what that means, how can i be inside her face? Silly humans!

Poser!Near our house!

My dad says that becasue of where we live, we get more rain?! Im not the biggest fan of rain and water, my mummydog and daddydog both love it.. so does keira.. but im not sure i like it jsut yet. I keep going near it, but it is cold and i get my pretty white sock wet!

Anyway, dad is bugging me for the tippytapper so i best let him have it. Its ok, i will take some of his socks as a trade.


Lots of love!


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