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InterfaceFM Ltd Is not a scam – their emails are being spoofed and the scammer registered a similar domain name and set the “Reply-to” address as his.

Ha. Welcome to 2021, where the world is broken and the scams have evolved. My accountant actually sent me this as he was suspicious;

He was confused as we have never dealt with this company.

I checked them out, they are legit. Hmmm

Looked at the details of the email closer, ah ha!

If you look at the spelling of the reply to address, its not INTERFACE its INTREFACE – Sneaky fookin prawns, eh!

So the email appears to come from a legit source, a real company – confusing! But on closer inspection the reply-to address is slightly different meaning you’d reply and think you were requesting info from the legit company but some scamming bastard would be replying instead.

I have informed GoDaddy, I have informed InferfaceFM Ltd

InterfaceFM Ltd Is not a scam – their emails are being spoofed and the scammer registered a similar domain name and set the “Reply-to” address as his.

Karen​ McGargle

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I’m getting the same, but they have corrected their spoof reply-to address, so it looks even more legit. Mine was from Karen Beckles-Davis, but I’ve had other Karens! 😀

Thank you Olly! They are focking prawns! Laughing that they seem to like name Karen my Karen’s last name is Clare. I’m sure there’s plenty more Karen’s out there 🤦🏼‍♀️

I do really appreciate you putting this out there, helped me spot the spam email right away!

We have these emails regularly. I have tried to contact Interfacefm but no response. Have one today threatening legal action.

i’ve had an email, says we owe money and moving onto legal proceedings but they haven’t even added a link for payment so kind of irrelavent oh and this week it’s Karen Broaders and the phone doesn’t connect!!!!

Shame for the company who’s name they are using.
when reply to it’s as above.
email below.

From: Karen Broaders
Sent: 01 March 2021 02:33
To: accounts
Subject: [Jan 21] – We’ve left several messages


Further to my previous correspondence, I’m contacting you again with regard to the following outstanding invoice:

Invoice #3829 / Invoice balance – £339.43 / Due date: 05/01/21

Given the lack of response on your side after several attempts to contact you, we might consider to begin legal proceedings.

Immediate payment will result in us clising this issue without need for legal action. I have attached a copy of the invoice for your reference

Many thanks,

Karen Broaders
Office Manager

T +44 (0) 207 183 6744

I keep getting hounded by this person. This time it’s Karen Knight. The emails are getting more and more forceful and I havent replied to any of them. This is not a company we have ever dealt with and we always ensure our payments are dealt with on time.
This is the one today:

From: Karen Short
Sent: 14 March 2021 22:59
Subject: March Update – Overdue Invoice


Please be advised that invoice #3392 is now over 60 days overdue. We are writing to request urgent payment for the total outstanding balance of £203.32.

At this point, we will need to escalate the issue further if we do not hear from your next week. I’ve attached another copy of your outstanding invoice incase it’s missing. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange payment.


Karen Knight

Interface (London) Ltd. 1st Floor, Unit 44 Chalcroft Business Park,
Burnetts Lane,West End, Southampton,Hampshire SO30 2PA
Tel: 02380-600611 Fax: 02380-6006023


Same here!
The latest one is getting a bit tetchy with a headline of “#3892 – Sort out your statement” this from Karen O’Grady.

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