CBD Domain Names For Sale

My company work for a few different areas of business, one of which is the CBD/Hemp industry. Its amazing to be part of such an explosive industry.

Anyway, I was part of a new company formation last year (since sold shares) and during the inception of the business and formation of business plans we “harvested” many domain names for potential use on projects within this new business.

I am 100% focused on my core business now, and that means no deviation from the core plan. This means I have 20+ domain names for sale.

  • alienheadshop.co.uk
  • alienheadshop.uk
  • canazon.co.uk
  • canazon.uk
  • cannabissimo.co.uk
  • cannabissimo.uk
  • cannazon.co.uk
  • cannazon.uk
  • cbdaware.co.uk
  • cbdaware.uk
  • cbdflorist.co.uk
  • cbdflorist.uk
  • cbdstartups.co.uk
  • cbdstartups.uk
  • dankseeds.uk
  • fullcbd.uk
  • rawdirect.co.uk
  • rawdirect.uk
  • thebulldogdirect.co.uk
  • thebulldogdirect.uk
  • vapecbdpen.co.uk
  • vapecbdpen.uk

These are all for sale, individually or in bulk (ideally in one go) and if I can just get my initial investment/registration fees back I would be happy.

It pains me to let some of them go but it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to start a CBD/Hemp business now anyway – as I left the one we started earlier this year, and it wouldn’t be very professional of me to jump back into one.

Comment below if you want any of these anyway.

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