Amazonprime payment confirmation – SCAM

Well, this was one of the most random scam/spammer experiences of my baiting life/career.

Email address used: [email protected]

I got an official email from Amazon Prime (haha it wasnt official) thanking me for my recent payment of £79.99 for my prime membership. Hmm, I do have prime but pay it monthly.. I wasnt really puzzled – I knew it was a scam before I even opened it, let me explain;

Ok, so for starters a company as big as Amazon would not miss a space between Amazon and Prime in the title of an official email.

Also, the grammatical errors are immediate, and inexcusable. Greeting not Greetings. No pound sign, missing dates, its just all wrong. Also £79.99 is the annual payment, then it refers to monthly. I think this was maybe to panic the reader and make them do something. Anyway, the email itself was obviously fake – but it wanted me to call a phone number;


This puzzled me. As literally 99 out of 100 other similar scams want you to click a link and they harvest some kind of credit card info or personal info from you.

So, I called the number.

Ring ring…

Ring ring…


I played along a bit;

“Hello, is this Amazon Prime?”

He replied

“Yes, this is amazon prime how can i help”

Me: “I got an email, I think I need a refund or something?”

Him: “Yes ok [inaudible]”

Then I dropped the bomb.

Me: “How do you sleep at night knowing you’re scamming people out of their hard earned money?”

I fully expected him to hang up, but he didnt!

I asked him why he did this, and he told me!

He explained that he also worked full time, and that COVID has caused so many issues in his country, he needed to earn money to he turned to this scam. He tried to say he was a nice guy and that he didnt take much money from people he was just trying to survive.

I explained that he wasnt not going to know if he caused issues for people and £79.99 is a lot of money to a lot of people!

I asked him if he had grandparents, he said yes and I asked him how he would feel if someone stole their last £80, he went quiet.

Then, his manner changed. He seems to be less confident and more humbled. I asked him to think long and hard about what he was doing, and he said he would stop doing it.

A scammer with a conscious!

Update – I started writing this on the 3rd of June – its now the 16th and the number now just rings out. I hope this means hes stopped the scam!

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