Department of Justice – Subpoena -SCAM WARNING

My past is littered with instances where I have been sued, or people have tried to sue me. So when I received this email about a Subpoena I opened it with hesitation in case it was something legitimate.

Once open, it was quite clearly not. haha.

Came from the following address – looks propa legit innit;

The link in the email links to a hosted Google document, and then it wants you to download a file;

The download link takes the user to a really dodgy URL;

(obfuscated URL to avoid you getting e-aids)

This is really concerning as the use of Google docs to host this legitimises the scam, I have reached out to google to get them to remove the page.

These scams are starting to get more intelligent, and it seems some of the larger vendors (Amazon, Google,. etc) are seemingly letting things fall through the cracks which is, I guess, to be expected. Its still alarming and a worrying thing to be discovering especially as technology isn’t slowing down, I hope security and corporate responsibility/accountability can keep up!

Remember, if its too good to be true, its probably a scam.

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