Enforcing a cleaner future?

Ok, so the last year has been a rollercoaster for all. Lockdowns, tiers, masks and other nonsesne – it has created a few positives tho, and im going to talk about them, init.

  1. People go outside more. I have walked a dog every day for the last 16 years or so, and I have noticed SO MANY MORE PEOPLE out in nature, enjoying the fresh air etc. THIS IS GREAT!
  2. I havent heard the phrase “Binge Drinking” in years. Literally.
  3. Town centres dont smell like piss.
  4. Most people are thinking more about their health and hygiene and trying to make better choices.

I wanna talk more about the 4th point there, as I am a Vegan and cant help shake the idea that if more people were Vegans too, we wouldn’t have ended up in this mess? (the Rona started from someone eating a bat, not a stick of celery)

I see lots of my friends getting bikes, going out running, and trying to be better versions of themselves. I love this.

I also see shops and things being more proactive in regards to hygiene, things are cleaner, and a cleaner world is a healthier world.

A friend of mine has recently started a Wheelie Bin Cleaning business, and we got talking about whether or not certain things should be compulsory – like having your wheelie bin cleaned. For how much it costs, and for how many germs and nasties must live/grow in there. Urgh. Surely its a no brainer?

Also things like petrol pumps, card machines, ATM’s and other communal “things” – these should ALL continue to be cleaned more often, kept sterile etc. I’m not suggesting we should make absolutely everything germ free as we still need to build up our immune system, but minimising unwanted and dirty horrible bacteria and horrible sh!t is surely what we all want?

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