Yоur Вloсkchain Confirmatiоn Сodе – Cryptocurrency Spoof Email Phishing SCAM

This last year – like many others – I have started getting involved in cryptocurrency. I kick myself for not getting involved in it earlier but never mind. Anyway, as its a reasonably new thing for me I am still learning the terminology, the technology and the processes of how everything works, so when I got this email I had to do a double take and remember my checks before clicking on anything.

Check number #1 – Is the sender email address, legit?

Err nope!

Check number #2 – Is the reply to address the same as the sender address

In this case it was, but the sender address has already failed to pass the first test so check #2 is kinda not required.

Check number #3 – Do the links go where they should go?

Errr – NOPE!


Now imagine this, you are new to Crypto, you are not an experienced internet user but have heard about Crypto and want to get involved. You  hear the term Blockchain so you Google it – end up on and you open an account and start investing.

You then get this email a few days later. You’re just gonna click on it aren’t you!

This email shows to me that the scams are evolving and the people creating them are paying attention to what is happening in the world and reacting to it by modifying their scams. And with Crypto related stuff, once those coins are gone they are GONE. There is no bank to ring and complain to. Thats it!

Be extra careful in 2018 peeps! These scammers are EVERYWHERE!



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