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F*ck you, Rob Carona! Hacked PayPal Account and Personal Info Leak SCAMMER!

This was sent to me earlier in the year, and it angered me if i’m being honest! Ive obfuscated the actual details but they were an actual legit old postal address of mine.

From: Rob Carona
Date: 28 March 2017 at 12:44
Subject: Olly
To: Olly <>

Hello, Olly!

I am bothering you for a very serious cause. Though you don’t know me, but I have a lot of personal info about you. The matter is that, most likely by mistake, the information of your account has been emailed to me.
For instance, your address is:
123 My Actual Old Road
My Actual Town
My Actual County

I am a lawful citizen, so I decided to caution] you, that your PayPal account may have been hacked. I attached the file – that examine what info has become accessible for attackers. File password is – 2811

I look forward to hearing from you,
Robbi Caronna

This type of scam is the worst – as this preys on fear, the fear of having your identiy stolen and used for god knows what.

The email came with an attachment which appeared to be a Word Document but that would have had Macros in it, and those macros would have more than likely been some kind of virus or would have installed some kind of malware to my PC.

So, Robbi Caronna – fu*k you, you garbage person. If I was elderly, or young and naive I could have easily falled for this and ended up with my PC infected and my world turned upside down. You prey on the inexperienced and vulnerable and no doubt profit from that.

I hope you get an infection in your bottyhole that is untreatable and leaves you in pain for the rest of your existence.

I reached out to Robba for a comment, he didnt have one. Asshat.

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