Back to my roots.

Hello everyone.

It’s been an eventful and interesting few years on this blog. I found a subject I was passionate and knowledgeable about (Scams) and turned my main focus on here to it. My blogs attracted people from all over the world and  after 700+ blog posts, 2000+ comments and multiple letters from solicitors (and everything in between) I think ive finally got to a point where I want to (partially) close this chapter and go back to my roots in regards to what I post on my website.

Many of you will notice my blog is lacking certain posts, well due to an agreement, I had to remove them, but I’m ok with it as I feel the torch is being carried by official bodies and popular, dedicated, review sites now. My little blog doesn’t need to lead the way in that particular quest any more.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me and the site over the last 4 or so years and I want to apologise to anyone that frequents the site to just read about scams. I may still blog about the occasional scam but I want to also blog about my life, my hobbies and other things too.

When I started this website it was my diary, my personal website where I posted my thoughts about things that interested me. I want to get back to that (to an extent) but first i’m going to take some time to address other things that I have going off at the moment, so i’ll be back soon.

Thanks, y’all.

Stay scamwise – but also stay happy, healthy and lucky.


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