BBC Iraq War Hidden Stash of Money SCAM!

Is there no place these scummy douchebags won’t go?

I got this email from my work earlier in the month and I was shocked at the angel these guys had gone into this scam, its the same as the traditional 419 nigerian scams but this one uses an old BBC article from the Iraq war to try and legitimise the scam. It starts;

Dear friend,

How are you doing? Thanks for showing interest.I am a senior British military officer , I served in Iraq during and after gulf war respectively and presently I have been deployed for a peace mission in Afghanistan.

Thanks for showing interest? When did I do that then?

During our mission in Iraq 2003, we found stashes of hidden cash that ran into millions of dollars and before returning the money we found to Iraqi government we kept some money which we shared among those that went for the operation and I got about $12.5 million dollars and the money has been secretly and safely kept in a security company because of fear of being questioned about how I got such money because our salaries and details as soldiers is well known.

Lol and a “Security Company” wouldn’t ask where you got $12.5 million dollars from??

Now that American government are pulling out troops from Afghanistan , I want to resign and go into business ,so I want this money to be moved to your country and invested in your care in a profitable business in your country so I contacted you because I need a capable person that will assist in receiving the money then when I return home from Afghanistan, I will travel to your country to meet you in person so that we can discuss in details which area we can invest . You can go through this link below my friend to get a clear understanding of what I am talking about.



The link does indeed go to a page on the BBC site that talks about US troops finding a shed load of money in Baghdad – the article is from 2003 though! (Wow, how crap was the BBC website in 2003!?)

I need your confirmation that you are able to manage these huge funds.I contacted you because I am looking for a capable foreign partner whom I can entrust this money in his care for investing in a profitable business as I don’t have idea of any business because I have never been engaged or involved in any business activity before.
Take care and hoping to hear from you as regards to my letter of proposition.

I’d love to know why they think im a “capable foreign partner” as Im historically pretty terrible with money management haha.

All in all, a very typical 419 scam, but with a different twist. Dont fall for it peeps.

I’ve replied to the guy of course, but hes not replied yet.

It was sent from;

David Hook – (reply to address was the same)

I will let you know if I hear back!

Stay ScamWise, peeps!

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