Invoice #993057-2016-03 – SCAM email

Ive been very busy at work this week, and my inbox has had 10-20 emails unread in it constantly each day so far. I spotted this one sat in  the list and I was drawn to it as it referred to an invoice and I didn’t recognise the name so wanted to know what it was.

Gmail completely missed the fact it was a scam/spam email – and it didn’t seem alarmed that the email contained a ZIP file attachment :/

from:	Patrica Sheppard <SheppardPatrica59@dsldevice.lan> to:	team <> date:	8 March 2016 at 14:36 subject:	FW: Invoice #993057-2016-03  reply to Patrica Sheppard <SheppardPatrica59@dsldevice.lan>

The email is from;

from: Patrica Sheppard <SheppardPatrica59@dsldevice.lan>
date: 8 March 2016 at 14:36
subject: FW: Invoice #993057-2016-03

Reply to address was the same, Patrica Sheppard <SheppardPatrica59@dsldevice.lan>

Didn’t open the attachment as it would obviously screw my PC over – but I find it highly alarming that this was allowed to get to my inbox and wasn’t picked up by gmail. Someone less knowledgable would have downloaded it and opened it and if their AV was crap it could have been game over.

Stay safe peeps – even the best spam filters in the world will let you down every once in a while!

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