Clever “Automated Confirmation” SCAM EMAIL

OK, so this email was formatted professionally, it contained my details, a CUSTOMER details and was quite worrying really…

I think it’s actually more a phishing/hoax email that is sent out to get traffic to a website rather than infect your PC or steal your identity – but still it’s misleading!

Automated Confirmation No. 3384872

Adam Medison <>

Hello Dear Actual Customer Name,

Thank you for your dedication and loyalty.

Your full transaction details can be found here

Date/Time: 1/5/2016 10:00 AM EST
Confirmation number: 3384872
Account number: *********5200
Payment type: Online internal transfer
* Pending payment amount: $9,522.70
Member ID:

Please confirm receipt of this notice immediately.

Click here to confirm receipt

You are on the right path to becoming extremely rich!

Keep up the good work.

To your success,

– Adam

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It was quite alarming to receive with it having such accurate info in – they must have got it from WHOIS records as the email they published of ours is only linked to that customer via their domain.

I ignored it, and then got this a few days later!

Adam Medison <>


You are ready to begin earning money with your new cash
system. Your request to access from your account ending in
**** 7389 has been completed, and the money is available
in your new balance.

— Please Access Your New Account Here

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking here.


– Adam Madison


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Also a scam/spam/hoax.

So, im sorry to say but you are not going to receive lots of money, and these guys simply want you to click the links to get traffic to their site.

Its like referer spam, but different haha 🙂

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