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–> Meet Simon Macbeth 🙂 <–

My blog has been focused on one or two main subjects recently, so when I got this email it reminded me of how much of an assclown Simon Macbeth was. Another story from another traumatised couple who have been conned, cheated and whose life has been made a misery by the scumbag that is, Simon Macbeth.

Hi I am just messaging you about Simon Macbeth/Naylor what ever this lowlifes name is these days

Using alternative names eh? Simon Naylor, Simon Macbeth, Simon Conman?

me and my X moved into the infamous 343 roundhay road now where do I start …

Oh dear, this already sounds like an ordeal.

Day 2 I received a email saying that we had been making too much noise after 11pm and this was our first warning and we owed £45 for the email he has just sent

So he wanted to charge them £45 for sending an email? Wow, i’d be a multi billionaire!

on the night in question, his then underaged girlfriend, me, my X partner and the other girl who lived down stairs were sat in our room drinking tea

A Peado and also a conartist? Nice.

2 days later I received another letter saying I hadn’t put the correct rubbish in the correct recycling bin and again was getting charged £45

Seriously? I wonder if the £45 is to pay for the fingerprint analysis he must have used to find out that it was your rubbish? Unless he stalks people and watches them throw away their trash? Eww, fetish?

the same day I received my third and final warning for not closing a internal door when I was stood in the wash room and again charges £45

I see a trend here. Do something, get charged £45. Simple business model. Maybe it needs to be simple as I think I read that Simon was a bit of a drongo.

then next day we had gone to visit a friend and approx 2 hours later I received a text saying all my belongings we on roundhay road and we could have our electrical equipment back when we gave him the keys

This guy just gets douchier and douchier. Douchebag.

upon doing so we got back out electrical items to find out he had cut the wires to everything.

Oh lord. This is just childish and stinks of “loser” – he cant have any friends though so he has to entertain himself somehow. Better this than him raping dogs on the local dog park again. Still. Assholish.

We then took the matter to the police/Solicitors and he then claimed my Jewelry and phone were his items that I had stolen luckily I had the receipts for these items.


Unfortunately because of the money he had already scammed out of me I could no longer keep up the claim thought I would share my experience with you

I hope he walks out in front of your car one day my dear – and that you can seek the revenge that you so deserve.

Simon Macbeth, or Simon Naylor – you sir are one of the biggest assholes I have ever read about.

–> Meet Simon Macbeth 🙂 <–

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