New Style Email Invoice SCAM – Your order summary from 365 Electrical

This one was a bit random, but I actually quite admire the approach they have taken as with a bit more refinement they would have the PERFECT scam email!

from: Lance – British Airways Limited <>

Reply to address the same.

your oders summay SCAM email 1

Ok, so the title, the email it was sent from, and the subject of the email DO NOT match. This is pointer number 1 that this is a hoax.


But the content of the email looks fairly official, looks like the standard thing you would get as an order update email. 365 Electrical sounds legit too.

The attachment was;


Another word document with Macros in no doubt. DO NOT OPEN AND RUN MACROS.

And then a few mins later I got this;

beaut 4

Same email but from another email account.

Its worrying as they ARE getting closer to making these untraceable. JUst remember if you get something like this and the attachment is a WORD document or ZIP file or EXE file or something similar, then delete it and move on.

You should only ever get invoices and similar docs in PDF format.

Stay safe, peeps!

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We get inundated with emails like this. Most come through to email addresses on my computer so get dealt with in one swift… select all… DELETE. It’s getting crazy now that Wendy is getting invoices from TNT who we actually ship with. She is a bit more savvy tech wise than some who would open them

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