Resume Scam – Word Doc Macro not caught by Gmail Spam Filters

I’ve blogged about Resume Scams before, it all starts when you receive an innocent looking email;

Resume Scam!

NB: I forwarded this to my personal email from my work email as that is where I originally received it – and when it was in my work email (Google Apps for Work) the “Virus Found” message was not on it and there was no indication there was anything wrong.

I could tell it was dodgy straight away, but noticed in the Google Preview icon there was some content, so this was a document of some sort. On  clicking to see a larger preview;


A novice user would do as it suggests and launch some kind of Macro which would then either directly infect your PC with something or start a download and bring something in that could wreak havoc on your computer and cause you no end of grief.

The troubling thing about this is Gmail took a while to notice there was something wrong – so that means many people who received something like this in their email may have downloaded and actioned it.

I hope they had anti virus!

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