Thaddeus Mcconnell – My resume | SCAM – VIRUS | Clever!

Another Word document attachment virus, but this one with a different approach from the recent invoice/financially orientated ones.

It looks very much like a fairly normal email, the email address even matches the persons name;

Although its obviously from a free email provider so that wouldn’t be too hard to set up. The content of the email is fairly normal too.

Hi, My name is Thaddeus Mcconnell Please find my resume in the attachment.  Thank you, Thaddeus

Gmail’s spam filters kicked in straight away with this one, I think because the file attachment is a zip file that it must have triggered the spam filters to scan it earlier than if it was just a Word document or something.

Thaddeus Mcconnell - my

I did wonder if this was actually a genuine request and the chap just happened to have a virus himself and sent it unwittingly, but there is something about it that just makes me think its an intentional scam. I think its the “Business” email – it just sets alarm bells off for me.

Anyway, real or not, Gmail did the work and marked this as a Virus.

Delete and move on people.

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