Debit Note [40822] information attached to this email | SCAM – VIRUS – DODGY EMAIL

These seem to be flooding in recently, not sure how or why i’ve started to get so many – maybe some of my scam-baiting has got me on some “To scam” lists 🙂 It’s also worrying that many of them are not being blocked by Google and they are actually ending up in my Gmail inbox.

Anyway, the format of this recent batch has been similar, some kind of financial related email that will almost always entice you to open the attachment. Please don’t, especially in Microsoft Word as Word documents can contain macros, and macros are basically mini executable scripts that can do or get other things to do nasty stuff to your computer.

This one was from Terri Tyler <Sean.33@sec-pc.skbroadband>

Attachment filename: 39533803.doc


Gmail creates a thumb of the document if it can, and you can actually see this one is full of crap – looks like code but i’ve not opened it as the macros are usually behind passwords and I haven’t got time to decrypt them so it would be pointless.

Dont open any attachment from any person that you don’t know or that you cannot confirm is a genuine person/organisation.

No genuine company would send an invoice or “Debit note” in a blank email from a mismatched name & email.

Mark the email as Spam so your email provider’s spam filters can learn and block the email from reaching other people.

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