Indebted for driving on toll road #000729155 – SCAM – HOAX

My friend Chris sends me scams every now and then, I think like myself he has had his email address a long time so gets things on a daily basis. He sent the Outstanding Invoice Scam a few weeks ago, and sent this the other day as he felt it was a pretty clever approach that could trick a fair few people if they were new to the web and email.

From: "E-ZPass Manager" <> Date: 13 Apr 2015 04:58 Subject:  Indebted for driving on toll road #000729155 To: <> Cc:   Dear X,  You have not paid for driving on a toll road. Please, do not forget to service your debt.  The invoice is attached to this email.  Sincerely, Joel Crabtree, E-ZPass Support.

So their approach this time is to claim the user has unpaid fines from driving on a toll road. Straight away this is a more believable approach than random unpaid invoices etc.

The email itself is fairly poorly written, which would make me personally question its legitimacy, but then its written a lot better than some scams I see so it could fool someone!

It was sent from a very obscure email address: and although this email address corresponds to the name of the person that has apparently sent this, the domain name part is random, and should raise alarm bells straight away. My friend also confirmed the reply address was the same as the sender – sometimes they differ you see.

And the attachment of the email is a zip file – word of warning, if you are not expecting the email and it has a ZIP file or DOC file attachment, it will 9.9 times out of 10 be a scam/virus/hoax and you should forward it to and then delete it immediately.

Stay safe peeps!

Thanks for the submission, Chris!

You can send in scams via our online form, or by forwarding them to and i’ll rip them apart and publish info so anyone reading can learn and hopefully stay virus-free!

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