Nokia & Microsoft WINNER – Nokia X2 Dual SIM Windows phone and cash $$ SCAM

This scam is a hybrid version of some old free mobile phone scams that used to circulate, and the regular 419 nigerian lottery scams. The email itself was pretty much empty;

From User90911271 -

It was from and the senders name is set to User90911271. If i hit reply it tries to email the email.

The attachment itself is called “Confirmation Letter zxaa665.pdf” and contains this;

Dear Email User  This email is to inform you that your email address has just won you $500,000.00 and a Nokia X2 Dual SIM Windows phone for the month of April 2015 lottery promotion, which is organized by MICROSOFT OUTLOOK WINDOWS & NOKIA. MICROSOFT WINDOWS collects all the email addresses of the people who are active online; among the people who subscribed also to Aol, Gmail and yahoo, we only select five people every year as our winners through an electronic balloting system without the winner applying. We congratulate you for being one of the selected winners.  CONTACT THE EMAIL BELOW WITH YOUR INFORMATION.  Contact Email: GGML11@OUTLOOK.COM  1. FULL NAME:  2. ADDRESS: 3. OCCUPATION:  4. SEX:  5. AGE: 6. DIRECT PHONE NO:  7. STATE:  8. COUNTRY:  Thank you and accept my hearty congratulation once again!


Ok, so firstly its obviously a scam – I mean, come on??

Secondly, there is no way on earth Microsoft Outlook, Windows (another MS product, not sure why they would endorse something separately?) and Nokia would club together and run a raffle!

It later mentions Aol, Gmail and Yahoo! – just in case you didn’t use one of the products mentioned earlier, they’ve surely snagged your interest now, right?

Then just in case you thought it might be a scam as you never signed up for no damn lottery – they drop a link in saying how its all electronic and automated and the winner is picked without anyone applying.

Then, of course, comes the usual “please send your details” part at the bottom, however there is  no mention of anything financial in this email or attachment. Many of the recent scams have been like a “double opt in” style, where the first one is to gain interest and then in their reply to you they will drop the clanger.

I’ve emailed back asking for my prize, so hopefully they get back to me soon and I can add in part 2 of this humorous email scam 🙂

Baiting the scammers!

PS this wasnt caught in Gmail spam filters, so watch out as who knows what else will slip through!

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