Simon Macbeth Scammer – Followup

–> Meet Simon Macbeth 🙂 <–

Last week I noticed I’d started getting comments on my original Simon Macbeth post, so I Googled his name to see if I was ranking and it was on Page 1. Then, I noticed the original website that exposed him as a dirty scammer was gone;


Surely he’s not had Google remove the website?

I felt the need to email the website creator and ask if Simon Macbeth had in fact been a douche and had the website removed from Google or something?

In actual fact, the website creator was arrested on suspicion of harassment because of the content on the website.  He accepted a caution as he didn’t want to go to court & pay for a defence, he accepted it on that basis alone and through no admission of guilt or wrong doing. The police were very reasonable with him, I think they could see how ridiculous the situation actually was.

A few days later he received an email from Simon Macbeth to his work despite being under strict orders not to speak to him;

Hello Daniel

Hope you’re well after an eventful weekend.

Thinks he’s funny doesnt he. His attempt at spelling next is funnier 😉

I’m going to give you an opportunity to move on from your unhealthy obsession with me.

Some time ago you asked what other 2 Court cases I intent to issue against you. They are for damaged coursed by your harassment and damages coursed by the defamation.

*Caused. Have you turned your spelling/grammar checkers off you moron?

It is my intention to seek £43,000. You kindly admitted the harassment to the Police and the defamation will not be easy to prove.

I think there is enough online proof proving Simon Macbeth is a thieving dirty scammer so as to justify why the site author did what they did. It wasnt unprovoked and none of it was untrue. The truth hurts, Simon. Maybe stop being a massive dick? That may discourage people from wanting to share their stories about you?

The existing court case I have against you for around £2700 will go in my favour, despite your lame attempt of a defence and nonsensical counter claim.

Sounding confident here like he knows what decision the Judge is going to make.

Don’t count your chickens, Simon 😉

In full and final settlement of all 3 cases I will accept £12,500. This is in full and final settlement of any and all cases relating to pass events. You have 7 days to accept my offer or I will take further action against you.

Did you type that with your feet, Simon? My blog is far from perfectly spell checked and grammatically correct but i can spell “Past” for gods sake hahah 🙂

Simon M. Macbeth

The middle  M stands for Marzipan. His parents were very cruel.

Needless to say, the original website author ignored this unofficial pointless collection of words and numbers and got on with his life, when two weeks later this arrived from one of Simon Macbeths current shagpieces’ email accounts, and had been sent to the authors main works email account;


Last month Mr XXX received a Police Caution for Harassment. Mr XXX is subject to the provisions in the SRA Handbook.

Think you need to get some help from someone that knows how to read before making such bold statements, Simon! 😉

The SRA Code of Conduct applies to managers, owners and employees of the firms that the SRA regulates and therefore would apply to Mr XXX. Chapter 10 of the code requires “you” to “report to the SRA promptly, serious misconduct by any person or firm authorised by the SRA, or any employee , manager or owner of any such firm”. I consider that such a Police Caution for Harassment fits the criteria of “serious misconduct” and therefore the matter must be reported.

You dont employ people do you, Simon? Lets look at the definition of “Serious Misconduct”;

“Serious misconduct is behaviour, on the part of an employee, which is so bad that it destroys the employer/employee relationship, and merits instant dismissal without notice or pay in lieu of notice.”

Still think that Mr XXX’s actions can be considered to be “Serious Misconduct”? Nah, didn’t think so.

In addition it is my opinion that it is wholly inappropriate for Mr XXX to remain employed by a legal firm.

Haha, and they should give a shit about your opinion because…..?

The circumstances of the Harassment are: Mr XXX entered into a contractual relationship with a 3rd party. When this relationship broke down Mr XXX then took it upon himself to blackmail the 3rd party.

Err, what? Blackmail? So how come Mr XXX hasn’t been arrested for attempted blackmail and given 14 years in prison? What is it about these scammers and the “Blackmail” word? They can give it all day long can’t they, but as soon as someone stands up and fights back they go all defensive.

Man up, losers!

Mr XXX told the 3rd party that he would send defamatory statements to others if the 3rd party did not cease their rights under said contract.

Hahahahahaha. Im sure that was more of a throwaway comment after you were totally unreasonable about something that could have been very easily resolved. In this world of red tape and cover-ups its nice to have an outlet like the internet where strong minded people like me and Mr XXX can speak our minds.

Mr XXX went on to post online hundreds of defamatory statements about the 3rd party causing the 3rd party to be seriously harassed.

Awww babas. I picture pitchforks and torches and an angry mob outside his house. If only haha.

Also he made one website with a few pages – the internet did the rest. Mr XXX is not responsible for the comments from the 1000’s of unhappy customers.

Statements that included the 3rd party was a paedophile, child rapist, fraudster as well as a statement that included the 3rd party should be physically harmed.

Again, you can’t hold a website owner accountable for the comments posted by a 3rd party.

The truth hurts, Simon.

These statements where seen by over 100,000 people (according to Mr XXX himself)

*were. Maybe stop being a wanker and people will stop slagging you off online?

My complaint is twofold

Your complaint is also complete bullshit.

1) That you have not reported this matter to the SRA
2) That you still employ Mr XXX.

Around the same time Mr XXX’s workplace got the above email, their company website also started being DDOS attacked to the extent it got taken offline for a while. Some websites are not set up with the security required to defend off such attacks so it can cause lots of problems. Im waiting to hear back from their IT department about what they find in the server logs. Should be interesting!

So to summarise, Simon Macbeth has tried to get this guy arrested for simply speaking the truth & making a website which attracted 1000’s of other comments from people who’d also been ripped off or scammed by him. He then tried to have him SACKED from his job and shut the company website down that Mr XXX works for.

Ironic really – he’s claiming this guy owes him £12,500 in damages and then tries to get him sacked from his job? You’ve got a sure-fire rock-solid plan there, Simon!

And I think that when you look at the situation as a whole, there is more evidence to suggest that Simon Macbeth himself has been a dirty little sneaky bastard and tried more under-hand tactics against Mr XXX than Mr XXX ever did to him. Im sure a court of law would agree too, especailly after the two emails I featured here and what followed them in the form of DDoS attacks.

Please feel free to post your horror stories about Simon Macbeth in the comments below as he wont get me shut down – or you can visit the original post and add in your stories there.


–> Meet Simon Macbeth 🙂 <–

21 replies on “Simon Macbeth Scammer – Followup”

Thanks very much for posting this Olly. As someone who’s life has been hugely affected by this character but have been silenced for trying to expose him, I am grateful that you are taking over the mantle from me.

Happy to help.

Lets hope the truths and facts posted on here and in the comments save other people from being scammed etc by him.

Maybe Daniel should contact some that really knows about Defamation… He may even be prepared to draft a reply for the laugh!

I am currently having problems with this guy. Very good at the start and then after a while went seriously down hill. TO ALL OTHERS THINKING OF WORKING WITH SIMON MACBETH OR SIMON NAYLOR, DO NOT DO IT!

Luckily I have plenty of evidence thanks to you guys to shoo him away.

This ‘man’ is currently trying to, in my opinion groom my daughter. He tried to tell me he was 29 and gay! Must think I fell off the last passing cloud! Although I do not want to I am meeting him this afternoon so he can apparently make me see he is a nice bloke really! I feel sick just thinking about him. My daughter is very vulnerable and has a past of receiving mental health support. Simon purposely found her on the Internet knowing all this. He seems to think he can buy my daughter and she is blind to his true intentions!

Just discovered this guy working under the fake name “Michael Thompson” with a company that he owns called “webdesignroom”, he charged one of my family members over £600 to build a website and
is refusing to finish it.

The website is absolute shit (I work in the tech industry and manage a team of Web Developers), it’s a copy & paste of a template so all he does is edit the text and swap out the images for others one’s he steals from Google image searches…

If anyone has had any experience taking this guy to small claims court I would love to hear from you!

Hi! yes we are having trouble with this guy too. £6500 down and still no website. After reading all of this how is he getting away with it? We need to do something about him. He cant keep getting away with conning people out of money!

I got scammed £6k by Simon Macbeth. I am at the baliff stage among a couple of others I know about, but He isn’t at the address’s we have for him. If anybody else is interested in chipping in for a private investigator to find this man please email me at
Thank you

Hey – I’ve asked my friend for his address but he definitely lives near roundhay road. He’s known for the grooming of women via ‘sugar daddy’ apps, using all this money to spend on young girls to lure them in. I met this guy once and never again. I’ll let you know if I find anything but he’s always taking this girls to Banyan in roundhay if you fancy a trip!

Olly- you legend. Thank you. A very funny and insightful piece. We are in a similar place with an unfinished website and just alot of rude emails. Taking this clown to court. Anyone else want to provide statements to the horror show he causes we will welcome in our statements

How is he been able to get away with everything he has!? I am currently preoccupied with trying to retrieve £3000 from him through the courts but the more I find out about him, the more disturbing it all becomes.

If you have real and specific information about his illegal activities, feel free to get in touch.

There are obviously enough of us to bring this character to justice, finally.


hey Stu, sent you a mail to follow up. we just logged a court case against him. keen to share your story as another example to what a crook this guy is. He claimed we asked for additional services on a web build that we didnt ask for. our fault was not finding this blog and learning what a mistake we were making!

Hi all,

my names Bonnie, a victim of Simon Macbeths scam for £6,000. I and a few others are coming together to try and put this man away for good, I don’t want to disclose too much information here as I know Simon keeps his eyes on this page…but we need numbers.

If anybody wants to help please get in touch,

Many thanks

Hi all,

my names Bonnie, a victim of Simon Macbeths scam for £6,000. I and a few others are coming together to try and put this man away for good, I don’t want to disclose too much information here as I know Simon keeps his eyes on this page…but we need numbers.

If anybody wants to help please get in touch,

Many thanks

I rented a room from same chap back in 2009. Kept my bond and I filed a CCJ against him. I only lived in the property for 3 mths but several housemates came and went in that time and nearly all had trouble of some sort. Bond not returned for various made up reasons. All perfectly normal, well-balanced, educated young professionals being duped and immense hurt and upset caused. Police involved on one occasion for Simon preventing tenant returning to their room to collect items from what I can remember.

He used to have a young girl that stayed over at the house some times. About 9 or 10 years old. I’d moved out by this stage but two of my housemates reported suspicions to the police who investigated. I don’t know the outcome.

In summary a con artist and a very disturbed individual.

Sad to say I was also scammed for £6k. This guy is a criminal. Best of luck with the court cases. I will keep an eye on how this goes and happy to get involved once the proceedings are lodged.

I also got scammed out of £3k by this individual. He (or his company and fictitious employees) promised an all singing all dancing website for us and although we received mediocre to borderline satisfactory previews, nothing was delivered. I have called and emailed the company to no avail. Please tell me something has been done and this guy has been put away for a long time, or brought to rights. Sounds like he owes a lot of money to people and companies who are ill deserved of this treatment.

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