PURCHASE ORDER Scam Email – They are fooling Gmail!

I dont know whats happened recently, but the Gmail spam/scam filters seem to be letting lots through that would normally never grace my Inbox – some of them are the usual Macro scams that historically i’ve ALWAYS had to find by trawling through my spam folder, and others are admittedly a little harder to detect and block but we are talking about google here – the company that has more money and resources than anyone else in the world ever.

The following email appeared one day;


From: John <>
Date: 23 September 2015 at 02:09

Good day,

Please confirm price and availability for the PO attached.
Let us know if you need any additional information to quote.

Your prompt response will be appreciated.

John h
(Purchase Director)

Straight to the point, spelled correctly, word document with no Google warning flags – this is what the attachment contained;


Ok, not the prettiest email, they could have spent some more time on this to make it more convincing but to many users they would buy it. I haven’t clicked the link, but it goes to here;


Which is obviously not an official Adobe link!

This kind of approach is worrying as the scammers could even target you based on the device you are on when you open the link, launching a desktop threat on a PC and some mobile threat when on a phone or tablet all when the page loads after that link has been clicked.

Google need to step their game up a bit and take into account these kinds of emails and if a link points to something that is obviously dodgy then spam the email and notify the host that there is a problem!

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