123-reg Lost my Domain…

Back in 2008 i blogged about how 123reg messed up and auto renewed a load of domains that i didn’t want – since then their system has improved a lot, and I actually use the auto renew thing properly and it does keep on top of my domains for me..


It’s by no means perfect – and this was driven home HARD to me when i visited my own website and it was a spammy crap Sedo holding page 😐

I was speechless.

I visited 123 reg, the domain was in my control panel and was set to auto renew. It didn’t give me the option to manually renew the domain though. I searched my email, and there wasnt a single email relating to since the first time i renewed it (which reminded me of an issue i had at that time too) so no renewal email was ever received – and even if it had of been,  would have ignored it as this was set to auto renew.

I contacted them, and they basically said that they sent one reminder email out – which i never received – and that its in my control panel due to an error, and that i no longer owned it.


So due to a HUGE internal f**kup i have now lost my pride and joy domain, that is linked to millions of websites, had a URL shortener attached to it that is now void as none of the links will work – and their response to this catastrophic situation was;

“Yeah, we cant/wont do shit about it”

In their T’s and C’s it states that if their system f**ks up, its tough shit.

So my advice this time round, is if you choose to use the auto renew – dont trust it on its own! Remind yourself of important domain renewals by setting calendar reminders etc – i will be doing for all my domains as they are not causing me to lose another one!

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Hi, beware even if you renew there is a chance you will lose your domain with 123-reg. I renewed a domain back in January well in advance of expiry and today went to change nameservers and it had disappeared from my Control Panel. A Whois showed the IPSTAG was not 123-reg and I began to panic. Customer support were unhelpful and said it had been transferred away from in my account even though I protested I hadn’t done it. After contacting the new registrar who was a lot more helpful I found out it was back with the company who originally tranferred it to me nearly 3 years ago. They knew nothing about it but were helpful and change the IPSTAG back to 123-REG. This could have been devastating and embarrasing if I lost a clients domain.

I wasted all day on this and 123-reg have not apologised or acknowledged they could be to blame. I have lots of domains but am going to find a reliable provider and transfer the lot!

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