Retro domains, retro attitude?

Cadburys_Chocolate_Animals_Mini_Packs_8_X_25gOK, so i have gone back to – i used this domain when i wuz at college, it has some age, authority and im hoping that thanks to it i can retain some lost google placements that i suffered when moving to that silly IM domain name.

I know google placements are not the end of the world, but the interwebs is my playground and i need to be top of the climbing frame 🙂 Ohhh that sucked.

So yeah – link to this site from yours and ill give you a cookie* the next time i see you!

Im also hoing this return to my retro domain will cause a return of my retro attitude towards blogging – i blogged before facebook, twitter and every other social outlet for peoples thoughts and emotions – well “this is my house, and i liiiiiive here” </eddy_murphys_dad>

We’ll see, as ive threatened a return to blogging many times before but things like life and stuff get in the way.

*by cookie i mean biscuit, by biscuit i mean a single animal biscuit.

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