How to report spam in Gmail

Ok, here is how to report emails as spam in Gmail;


Method 1 – Drop down menu

You can choose “Report Spam” from the little dropdown arrow next to the reply button – this is also where “Report Phishing” is too, which is what you MUST do if you get an email from someone pretending to be someone else!

I do think Google need to make more of a big deal of the Phishing button, as that is often more of a problem than spam in my opinion!


Method 2 – Spam Button

There is also a global button to press to report spam to gmail – its clear, easy to find and should be your best friend if any dodgy emails slip the net and end up in your inbox.


Gmail have great spam filters due to Matt Cutts’ team who work tirelessly to combat spam – but every now and then one slips their algorithms and ends up annoying us.


I think Google need to spend more time stopping annoying Indian sales emails coming through – they are not traditional spam but they are all 100% unsolicited and by that very fact are 100% spam.


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