Reviving Old Websites

Had a few spare hours this week, so i decided to revive 3 websites we used to run and that we’d let get old, broken and unloved.

Free Links Directory (

Many moons ago, we decided that there were not enough UK based directories to help people find general products and services – so we created one! We found the domain still on the 123 reg market, never been used before (i know, i was amazed too) and since then its been a huge success with UK based companies looking for somewhere to advertise their business.

Originally in phpLD and now rebuilt using WordPress and Directorypress – its back with a bang!

The MaxxDirectory (

This is where it all started – Dave and I originally went into business with this website, i made it and created the banners and stuff, and Dave sold it to companies in the automotive world.

It was awesome, but then te recession hit and people in the automotive industry stopped spending money, so we diversified. But its now back in 2013 with a new approach, new style and it hopes to once again be the best source of quality modified and performance car related businesses in the world.

Originally in phpMyDirectory, now rebuilt using WordPress and Directorypress.

Car Breakers (

As our first steps into business were automotive ones, we also launched this website to showcase the many car breakers and dismantlers across the country – we found it hard to find breakers that were specific to the types of parts we were looking for, so we started one! It has helped many people find what they need for their project car – and its even used by ourselves every now and then when we are looking for secondhand parts!

Originally in phpMydirectory and rebuilt for 2013 in WordPress with Directorypress.

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