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Audio Adverts on the New Myspace

Myspace Audio AdvertsYes – i heard them you sneaky little buggers!

There seems to be nothing on the internet about them starting to roll out audio adverts, but we use Myspace through headphones at work – and we’ve all heard them more than once now!

I’m not pissed off – its nothing compared to how bad Spotify Free bombard you with adverts – the Myspaces adverts seem to be totally random,  once in a blue moon and hardly noticeable. Maybe thats the point? Maybe they’ve made them subtle and almost subliminal so that we don’t notice them but they stick in our minds (not the case, i heard one 3 mins ago and now can’t remember what it was for)

Many people have questioned how the new Myspace can make money as they dont visually display any adverts – and you don’t pay to use it… There are articles dotted about the internet that state they pay different royalties than other people – but they still gotta pay em.

I didn’t think it would be long until they started putting some kind of adverts on there.

Ah well, 100% free streaming music with an advert once in a blue moon – it’s better than a punch in the kidneys 🙂

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