Sneaky old school virus making its way round emails

Hello virus fans – i have been forwarded an email from a friend of mine over at GSM Performance, as he thought something looked dodgy – and he was right!

LInks to\e exscept i took the X out the EXE parts so it cant be accidently clicked on

The email was totally blank until you clicked “show images from this sender” and then what appeared to be an attached file appeared – this may fool some people, but i could tell it wasn’t part of gmail – it linked to something, and it wasn’t an attachment to the email!

It linked to;\e (took the X out and put /\ in instead)

What is surprising about this email is where the bad files are hosted – Amazon AWS!

It was also from himself too – which is normally not the case with these kinda things, as they want you to click on the “attachment” and if its from your own email address then the alarm bells will start ringing immediately!

If you get an email that looks like this, then report it as SPAM immediately so that you can help stop it reaching other peoples inboxes!

Power to the people… n stuff.

Email subject was: Subject: 8/8/2013 12:06:12 PM Document (fo’t searchin’)

Original attachment name: Document_948274878.exe

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