Chocolate Milk Reviews

Chocolate Milk Review: Battle of the Supermarkets Part 1

Every supermarket sells their own brand chocolate milk alongside the popular brands, and most of them are pretty much on par with them too. It’s Tesco and Asda up first, and both offer a similar drink in terms of taste, quantity and value – except the tesco one tasted a lot sweeter and the packaging was more childish, whereas the asda drink tasted like it was less artificial, not as sweet – slightly better quality maybe?

If I was to go and buy one of them again now, I’d buy the asda brand one!

Tesco Chocolate Milk – 6/10
Asda Chocolate Milk – 7/10

And in the supermarket rankings it’s Asda in first place with Tesco not far behind..

Next, Sainsburys and Co-op 🙂

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