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Your UPS Invoice is Ready – SCAM – Phishing Email – WARNING – Explained

My spam box receives hundreds and hundreds of emails every day – on all my email accounts. Every now and then one slips the net (not that often though, thanks Gmail!) and due to me bein’ around these parts for a while i’m able to spot the warning signs that indicate that it is in fact a scam;


The email address looks legit, there are no formatting errors within the body text like previous scam emails have contained – from first glances this is a pretty convincing fake!

So can you tell if its a fake?

Place your mouse cursor over links but DO NOT CLICK ON THEM!


Note the preview of where that links takes you?

Im pretty sure UPS dont use for their own website. In fact, the domain could be for all i care, the .ru bit in it makes it (imo) stand out like a sore thumb.

It must be horrible for the russian domain name authority – but if i see a .RU domain name extension i run for the hills. I know my personal site has a .im domain name extension but these are very rarely used for spam/dodgy sites – in fact the spam sites seem to keep their domain extension choices to a minimum.

They either use .RU (Russia) or .CN (China) – probably because the chinese and russian governments don’t give a shit about what people do online from their countries.

Anyway, if you are not expecting an email from UPS or any other delivery company/service or if ANYTHING – and if something arouses your suspicions – then google it, ask me, ask someone who knows more about these things – and if all else fails delete it and they will call you if its important!

Thanks to GemmaBeans for sending me the email – she thought it looked dodgy and she was right!

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